Auto locksmith and frequently asked questions

As you look around for an automotive locksmith to fix your car key replacement, the following questions might help you to learn about other services which are offered by the locksmith. Go through them and get enlightened.
How much does the auto locksmith charge for their services?
Just like with everything else, the prices which an automotive locksmith charges for their services tend to vary based on timing, location and the difficulty. The following is the list of the prices on average:
• Basic rate per hour is about 50$ to about 100$. If you decide to contact an auto locksmith after hours, the rates are likely to be bumped up to about $75 to about $125 per hour
• When unlocking a car, it is about $50 to about $100 with the price being determined by the lock difficulty – keyless or key
• The average when working on a complete change of lock is about $75 per hour which can at times be up to $200 range in case the lock being fixed happens to be complex or it presents other obstacles. If you decide to do it in dealership, it might cost you more.
• To get a vehicle to be rekeyed like when you have different keys to start the car and unlock – it can be around $50 to about $300. It is a range but the prices are mostly on the lower side so the average might be between $50 to about $150.
• To make new key will cost about $10 to about $150 with the price moving up depending on the complexity methods which are required for chip programming. But in case it is just a normal key, the price will be on the lower range.
• To get a new ignition switch, the pricing will be about $125 to about $275 which will include parts and the installation.

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