Pioneers at stage technology

LinSon has large knowledge and expertise in numerous areas of stage stage techniquescenteknik technological innovation, also called scenteknik (stage technique). They give several alternatives, which includes the opportunity to lease, lease contract, or own huge screens and other stage devices like as seem and lights.

How could they be various?

LinSon has huge expertise and expertise in numerous aspects of phase technology. They offer quite a few choices, which include the cabability to rent, hire, or very own big screens and other stage products like as noise and lighting effects. LinSon will assist you in accomplishing your goals, if they are based on sports activities, occasions, fairs, conventions, or something in addition.

Events in sporting activities:

The objectives for the experience are exactly the same regardless of the market. Linson offers planners with safety and chance while they generate great experience for professionals and viewers. These were supplying systems and principles for competitive and leisurely sports activities.

Covering up one of the best events easily:

Desk tennis games Community Mug groups:

The Dinner table Football Group Entire world Cup is definitely the largest fitness occasion in Halmstad’s historical past! There will be 72 women’s teams and 72 men’s teams, for a overall of 144 teams from around the world. The prize draws have been noticed on television by around 350 million men and women. A Community Championship in Desk Tennis games is actually a enormous occasion, and Linson Abdominal was reliable to get the state Screen Supplier. An excellent task concerning around 150 sq metres of Brought.

Night competition:

Linson will supply huge exhibits and information technological innovation on the Midnattsloppet for that 10th period in 2020. A folk get together with 65,000 joggers in four spots and a wonderful audience that makes a geniune bash atmosphere! All giant displays for that Midnight Competition in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Helsinki, and Malmö are supplied by us.

Stockholm kicks from the excursion by using a huge display from the shape of a site-developed LED display screen with the entry, along with audio technologies plus a DJ, a cellular large display screen initially with connected Television set generation, and a Disc-jockey cube with production within Zinkensdamm. The objective is surrounded by a 15-gauge-lengthy outside display screen (serge monitor) on both sides, which ensures you keep the runners dedicated to the conclusion time.

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