Vaping with Nicotine Salt: The Pros and Cons

If you’re a tobacco smoker trying to change to vaping, you’ve probably heard of vape kits UK. This relatively recent form of e-liquid continues to be gaining in popularity in recent times, as well as for a very good reason: it provides some special positive aspects that regular e-fluids can’t go with. Within this blog post, we’ll take a close look at what cigarette smoking sea salt is and talk about its pros and cons.

Precisely what is cigarette smoking sea salt?

Pure nicotine sodium is a kind of nicotine that is found in smoking cigarettes results in. It’s the same sort of smoking you might see in a cigarette, but it’s been purified and taken from the cigarette vegetation. When found in e-fluids, pure nicotine salt gives a smoother expertise.


There are many good things about using nicotine salt over standard e-drinks. First, pure nicotine sodium is absorbed into your body more rapidly than typical e-liquid, so you’ll get faster cigarette smoking struck. This could be especially helpful if you’re trying to give up smoking cigarettes.

An additional benefit of cigarette smoking sodium is it offers a smoother vape than regular e-liquid. It is because the nicotine dust in nicotine salt are small, so they’re less unpleasant on your own tonsils and lung area.

Lastly, cigarette smoking sodium is more unlikely to result in the “throat hit” that a lot of people knowledge about regular e-liquids. This is because the smaller smoking debris in smoking sodium are significantly less annoying for your neck and lungs.


There are some possible disadvantages to using nicotine sodium. Initially, smoking salt is much more quickly absorbed into your system, in order that it might be a lot more addicting than typical e-fluid. If you’re trying to give up smoking tobacco, you could find that cigarette smoking sodium is related.

Another potential disadvantage of cigarette smoking sodium which is less accessible as standard e-liquefied. While most key e-liquefied companies now offer pure nicotine sea salt e-drinks, you might need to check around to find the right cigarette smoking sodium e-liquefied for you.

Ultimately, because smoking sodium is a somewhat new modern technology, it’s still uncertain exactly what the long-term overall health results are.

Bottom line

Cigarette smoking sodium is a type of pure nicotine that gives some special positive aspects over regular e-liquefied. Nonetheless, it’s also far more addicting and much less accessible. If you’re looking to quit smoking cigarettes, you may want to consider nicotine sea salt.

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